The digital market is spreading more and more and our purchasing habits have changed over time: even without a physical store it is still possible pre-order a game or maybe "bring it back" within a certain period of time by requesting the refund, but it is not as simple as it may seem, at least in most of the most famous stores.

The NCC (Norwegian Consumer Council), in fact declared and of the seven leading digital video game platforms,, Uplay, Playstation Store, Xbox Store, Nintendo eShop, EA's Origin and Valve's Steam, only the last two comply with European reimbursement laws: in these last cases, in fact, canceling a preorder is very simple, as well as asking for a refund, while in other stores it is very complicated or even impossible.


The worst case is represented by Nintendo, which was then contacted by the institution with the request to adapt the eShop to the European law, for give the right to those who book to be able to retrace their steps and cancel the order before the game is available, all in a quick and simple way, with the push of a single button. If you can do it for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One through a cumbersome phone assistance procedure, theNintendo's eShop does not allow in any way to cancel a reservation, therefore obliging to purchase a game to those who had preordered it but who then, for whatever reason, wanted to cancel everything.

We will see if the various companies, especially Nintendo, will comply with European laws and if therefore, in the future, it will be much easier to request refunds and cancel pre-orders on various digital shops.