The Last Of Us remains one of the most popular games among the exclusive PlayStation, and is in its official transposition in film. Details about the film short supplybut we can now say with certainty that the film adaptation will have little in common with the plot of the game.

To declare it is Neil Druckmann, the game director of Naughty Dog. Druckmann was at the summit DICE 2018, where he commented on the film adaptation of Uncharted, congratulating director Shawn Levy for the work done so far and for his passion for the franchise. Druckmann did not have much to say about adapting The Last Of Us, if not that the original script, written by him, basically followed the plot of the videogame.

Things have changed since then: Druckmann himself declared that nno such film would have been made, and that Naughty Dog's approach to film adaptations has evolved. Because the story in question has already been told, with a strong aspect also to the visual narration, right from the game itself, Druckmann believes that a film with those features would have little to add.

In light of these statements, it is plausible that the film will be treated as un new chapter within the same franchise, rather than as a transposition. All this, of course, just in case you see the light. At the moment, so much the film on The Last Of Us as much as that on Uncharted they do not have a launch date.