We thought the heroines "badass"Video games were immune to the power of Barbie.

We were wrong!

Coinciding with the release of the new film by tomb raider with Alicia Vikander Mattel, giant of the toy industry, has decided to produce one Barbie with the features of Lara Croft in this latest version.

As you can see the line of this Barbie It is designed precisely on the model of the Vikanderin fact we have less explosive forms, but with equipment and clothing worthy of a real one Lara Croft, complete with a bandage on the arm and available weapons.

I know that at the moment it is not possible to have it in Italy, but the first videos of unboxing are already on the web, and I know perfectly that you can not avoid looking.

Needless to hide behind the monitor: we know that you all want the day one !!!