Fact: a few days ago there was yet another massacre in the United States in which a boy has killed 17 people in a school and injured other 14s.

All our condolences towards the victims, but why did I choose such a heavy and direct title?

The fault of the Governor of Kentucky Matt Bevin, which stated that video games are partially responsible for what happened.

The massacre is not due to the ease with which anyone can have a weapon in hand, nor to the lack of control at the entrance of public buildings, but it is only a cultural problem.

And according to this lord the American society has lost its own compass, and in the defendant's office there are video games.

"There are video games that are in fact suitable for the adult audience, but the children play with it and everyone knows it, and there is nothing to do to prevent it. They celebrate the killing of people. There are games that give you the ability to score points by behaving like these students are doing inside the schools, or allow you to earn extra points by finishing who is lying there on the ground while he is begging to save his life."

The governor Bevin he continues his speech by saying that these "videogames" are garbage and are like pornography, and that they have desensitized people about the value of human life, the dignity of women. and have generally lowered our level of moral decency.

Bevin appeals to producers (not just video games, but also other media such as cinema or TV series) about the question of whether it is worthwhile to produce these products by seeing what is the price to pay. I can only imagine that, following the political current to which it belongs, it has continued to repeat and repeat that the problem is not firearms, but the society and culture that has profoundly changed. In fact, obviously when he was young it was the norm after Christmas to bring their weapons to school to show them to friends. He also repeats that the number of weapons in circulation has not changed, but a study of 2012 has shown that in reality there are exactly twice as much in comparison to the 70 years.

The problem is that such a character, which to us may seem grotesque, is a figure of some importance in the United States and that, even worse, it is not the only one to think so: the lawyer (radiato) Jack Thompson has already tried in '97 to set up a similar cause following another shooting at the Heath High School (case ended with nothing done in 2002) and proposed to help the Governor find this imaginary link between violence in video games and rampant madness.

We are in 2018, I am more than 30 years a videogamer and I thought it was over when I was forced to feel this tide of, sorry for the term, Bullshit. If something goes wrong in the world it is not the fault of ignorance, of bad education, of social degradation, but it is the fault of God VIDEO GAMES (or any other media that comes to mind against which it is fashionable at that moment to point the finger). Because despite everything we are still considered a mass of brainless people who follow as a dogma written in stone all that they see on screen: so if 90 millions of players have bought GTAWe also have millions of potential gangsters around 90, or cold-blooded murderers after playing various games Call of Duty o PUBG.

We are not able to discern fictional reality, we are not considered intelligent people, but all mentally disturbed, ready to make massacres in the name of some kind of Platinum Trophy hidden in life.

The real problem is that very often those who perform these crazy gestures have previous problems (I'm not a psychologist but I think that for these people video games represent a way to escape from the real world that scares them and does not accept them) and above all someone at his side who can help them solve them or at least contain them. If a cultural problem exists, it is certainly not to blindly believe everything we see on a screen, but the lack of leading figures in our lives that, since they were children, help us to understand what is right and what is wrong. If a man rapes a woman, there is a father behind him who has not shown him what it means to respect his wife. If kids want to be fools killing an animal, there are relatives who have not explained to them that any life is important and so on.

Searching on the web something about it I found this article, to be always taken with the springs is clear, but that a minimal idea can give it to us.

I can only say one thing: I'm sick of being referred to as a plague and that my passion is considered the origin of the ills of the world. On the contrary, excuse the presumption if I also speak in your name.