Dragon Ball Super is coming to an end or, anyway, to a long break and will soon introduce what may be considered the strongest character ever seen in the multiverse of Akira Toriyama; the warrior in question is the final form of Goku Ultra Instinct and of course, to those who do not want to ruin the surprise, we advise against continuing reading.

The latest issue of V-Jump has indeed shown the definitive Migatte No Gokui also coming in Dragonball Xenoverse 2, which confirms itself as the perfect game for lovers of manga / anime that focus more on the fan service than on the real competitive (in that case it is better to veer towards FighterZ). According to the magazine, the character of Goku Ultra Instinct will arrive on the roster through a DLC from the cost of 1200 yen (about 9 euro), although at the moment there are no further details such as the date of distribution.

Waiting for more information, below you can see what will be thefinal appearance of Goku Ultra Instinct.