The news comes eighteen months after the project on Kickstarter it has been financed with over 1 million dollars.

Originally launched as a remake of the first-person sci-fi horror of Looking Glass Technologies, Nightdive's project soon spread. In July 2016 the project arrived on Kickstarter and last year, halfway through development, it was decided to move from Unity ad Unreal Engine.

The CEO of Nightdive, Stephen Kick, in the new update on Kickstarter wrote the following:

Our concept has grown and our team has changed [and has therefore also changed] what we were doing and the budget. As the budget grew we began to have long conversations with potential editorial partners. The more we worked on the game, the more we wanted to do it, the more we distanced ourselves from the original concepts that made System Shock so fantastic. As the CEO and founder of Nightdive Studios, a company founded on the restoration of the System Shock franchise, I let things go out of control. I can tell you that I did it for the right reasons, I was totally committed to making a big game, but it became clear that we took the wrong path, that we turned our backs on the people who made it all possible, our supporters of Kickstarter.

To this end, the decision was made to "Put the team on pause while we re-evaluate our path so we can return to our vision". However, Kick insists that it is simply a break and not the end of the project.

Nothing is known about when the work could resume, so we are waiting for new information.