Today 15 February, after the revelries of those sticky and cloying boyfriends, is celebrating the party of singles and therefore in the editorial office of PDVG we asked ourselves what were the best titles to play alone.

Obviously, in honor of the great boss Fraws, we could not help but think of our beloved waifu (unfortunately for our readers we regret to say that maybe you will not even see a husbando) that have accompanied us in our life of hardened gamers.

Within the editorial office each of us has chosen a title that, for one reason or another, we could very happily play on a day like this and then, let's start the dance!


In reality my first choice was not this, but the title that immediately jumped in my mind had already been taken by Fraws (you can find out on his channel in a few days we are talking about) and then I had to give way and fall back on something else

NIER: Automata it represents the perfect combination of a game of great thickness and a female character to make the eyes wobble.

On the other hand the same developers have winked at the fanservice with that very famous hidden trophy that ALL owners of NIER: Automata they have definitely got (I think it is the first case of trophy collected by 100% of users holding a copy of the game).

Hey, where are you looking?

Personally I had an infatuation for a character not existing so strong only with Nadia of the Mystery of the Blue Stone, but I did not even have 10 years there ...

Do yourself a favor, if you have not played a NIER: Automata, immediately run for cover and remedy immediately (so now you will find it heavily discounted).


The dream of any man, especially on a day like this. Go for couples, go, frolicked, we have fun with playmates in a dream house in the role of an immortal (ideally) Hugh Hefner as a young man.

Vintage blonde.

Along the lines of The Sims, a game in which the goal is to welcome the most beautiful girls in the world in their luxurious villa, take care of them (you can imagine how) and make sure that the most fit and beautiful can be photographed to appear on the cover of the monthly number of Playboy.
A game certainly not memorable but that, at the time, I enjoyed a lot in making me dream those beautiful curvy women with whom I could have fun in any way, going to the gym, drinking something, watching the news (who would not? ) to test the resistance of the new bed purchased thanks to the millions made with the "girl of the month" before.
In short, if you do not have a girlfriend to get depressed? There is a villa full of girls ready to fall at your feet, and when you get tired you just turn off your PC.


What were you thinking about? Hentai!

Let's talk about mobile game. Oh well that is the piece on singles but we're not so obscene ...

Hentai? But no, we are SOBRIE people

For a few months now I have fallen into the destructive spiral of freemium games on mobile. I must admit I was pleasantly impressed by Fate / Grand Order, series that I follow with great interest for several years (thanks to Fate / Zero). For those who did not know, Fate is a saga that sees as protagonists some magicians who evoke heroes from every epic and epic to win and win the Holy Grail, a magical artifact able to fulfill every wish.

The gameplay, although simple, turns out to be decidedly interesting and several quests are particularly demanding. The game is an unmissable presence on this day dedicated to the most unhappy, as it presents a cast of waifu not just. Although the gender swaps are in my opinion bad taste, and not respectful to the historical figures and mythological interested, open to the possibility of meeting the most varied tastes: Jack the Rioli loli, King Arthur blonde, Attila skinny etc ...


The stylish hack'n slash with the brunette witch is one of the sexiest games in existence. At the same time, it has an excellent gameplay and points the spotlight on a strong and independent female character: Bayonetta does what she likes, so much who can contradict her?

The perfect position to press the trigger

With the arrival of the beautiful Cherry su Nintendo Switch, you could take the opportunity to play with her (or re-play with her) and enjoy all her best moves. There is nothing better than a game with intriguing characters (too Rodin as a male counterpart you do not throw away ...) and with so much substance in addition to appearance. And if you are particularly perverse, like me, you can also enjoy the many added costumes. Bayonetta Peach with panties in full view? Done. Bayonetta dressed as a Japanese schoolgirl? Done. Have fun with the witch, but be careful not to contradict her too much: she beats hard and knows how to tear apart those who do not like her

Obviously all these titles can be appreciated every day, from singles, couples and in any situation. There is nothing wrong with appreciating our waifu, but we have chosen the (infamous) party of singles to celebrate the rare occasions when the good gameplay blends with the feminine charm.

And you? What games do you think are perfect to be included in this category?