Every time it approaches Valentine's day the atmosphere in the air is literally split in two: on one side we have the sweets and hold couples who, having to prove their mutual love through the purchase of physical goods because, well, it is the 14 February, they exchange chocolates, puppazzini and many other little things that end in -ini. On the other the singles, more than ever acid against the world that wants them alone and desperate that, to distract a bit 'and dodge the rain of love in the air, they give to parties with friends or spend even more money than the aforementioned sweet couples in alcohol or food.

In both cases, however, there are gamers and what's better than a splendid one top 10 of the best local coop games (do not worry, we do not forget you singles) to celebrate the day dedicated to the saint tortured and beheaded at night? Let's start immediately with our tracking:


Red Rope - Do not Fall Behind

Let's start immediately with a title as particular as, unfortunately, little known. Red Rope - Do not Fall Behind is a title developed by Italian software house Yonder and its strong point is precisely the local cooperative. The game mechanics is based on a red string that binds the two protagonists. Through the ingenious use of this rope and through precise movements, players will have to untangle themselves in a series of dungeons full of puzzles and enemies, of increasing difficulty and, already basic, quite high. What will win you will not be so much the skill of the individual as the coordination of both playing minds, also united by this small and fragile string.


Snipperclips - Let's cut it!

Snipperclips is a new IP developed by SFB Games exclusive Nintendo Switch. Even here, as in the aforementioned title, the focus of the title lies in the game of couple. The two protagonists, Snip and Clip, living in a two-dimensional world made of paper, will have to overcome various puzzles by cutting each other. No, there's nothing bloody, I'll explain it better. The two figures, overlapping each other, can cut pieces of each other in order to form useful shapes to overcome the scenario. For example: do you have to do a basket? It's a bit difficult to keep the ball balanced on a horizontal plane like your head. It will therefore suffice that one character overlaps slightly to the other so as to cut the shape of a semicircle on the head of the other, which can then accommodate the ball, jump and make a basket. This is a basic example, as you can well imagine, the more you go on, the more complex it becomes.


Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers it's a really, really fun title! Developed by The Behemoth in the distant 2008, it has arrived on almost every console, up to the last generation. The game is very simple: choose one of the riders available and get ready to give beatings with swords and spells in full beat'em up style that, as usual, always have an extra touch if played in pairs. In addition to this, however, at each end level you will have to free a princess, and here the couple will be compared. The title will turn into a PvP battle to the death in which the survivor will be given the honor and privilege of saving one of the king's daughters.


Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

We change gender with Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. The title is a shoot'em up in which you check a round little pink ship traveling to recover the pieces of the reactor, pretty little blocks in the shape of a little heart. Rightly we will have to fight against those who want to prevent us from reaching that goal, an alien race that has subjugated all the inhabitants, represented as small animals. From within our spacecraft we will have to activate the various defense mechanisms, only one at a time, and with limited scope. Immediately the necessity of having to be helped, strictly in local coop, by another person to be able to succeed in the hard task that awaits us appears evident. Mind you, however, it is playable in solo: instead of a person, we will have to help us ... a space pup!



We change genre again to get closer to the platform with the series Trine. Within the three titles that make up the series we will have available three different characters to swap at any time in case you are playing alone: ​​a thief, a magician and a warrior. Each of the three has a unique ability that allows us to move forward in the game. If the magician can create platforms or levitating cubes, the thief can throw a grappling hook and throw arrows as the warrior can bring down sword blows and reflect the enemy shots with his shield. As you have noticed, they are three different characters, so if you are a very open couple, you can enjoy the title at its maximum potential. If instead you stay a traditional couple, choose two favorite characters and exchange in turn with the third uncomfortable.




First title developed by Ghost Town Games, Overcooked! It is a culinary-themed arcade title that best works with a nearby person. The game consists in preparing and serving customers with delicious dishes, untangling themselves in kitchens that are changing from level to level. The cooks must recover the necessary ingredients, treat them, cook them and finally serve them, being careful not to burn them and set the whole kitchen on fire. Therefore it is necessary to cooperate and help each other in order to complete each stage with the maximum possible score. It will make you an incredible hunger!



Who does not know Cuphead, come on, the Dark Souls of 2D games! Seriously, the wonderful title developed by Studio MDHR it is a real pearl, a visual joy that shines thanks to its artistic style of cartoon from the years' 30 but is not known only for this, indeed. Cuphead is inspired by the run'n'gun hardcore of the past games and videogames, those in which every single mistake paid dear and be able to complete a level was a real challenge against themselves. Cuphead and Mugman, the two brothers in the game, will have to fight a series of bosses in order to regain their souls, taken by the devil. In two the level of challenge is raised but, at least, we cry in two!


Also in this case, as it was for Trine and for the last two places on this list, citing Borderlands we intend to enclose the saga in its entirety, as both the first chapter and the second that The Pre Sequel have practically the same mechanics as the local cooperative. And if we are already in front of a very funny series of his, playing with another person can only increase the laughter for the sharp jokes, characters and embarrassing situations in which we will slip during our searches of the crypt. To detect the presence of a non-personal ergo loot, if you want to grab that weapon or that orange shield dropped from the Terramorphous, get ready to run more than those next to you!

Gears of War

When it comes to coop games, one of the first that many people think of is right Gears of War. The ability to play the entire story mode together with a friend on Xbox One or, in the fourth chapter, even between PC and console is one of the workhorses of one of the most entertaining and bloody exclusive Microsoft. To this we add one of the most successful horde modes in the entire videogame panorama and the picture is complete. Shooting at locusts or sawing them in two with your Lancer is much more fun if done with a neighbor!

Lego Videogames

And we end with a real mammoth series. Lego games, now over fifty chapters, were born in the 1997 on PC and have since been reinvented and modified continuously, embracing brand and series totally different from each other. Ninjago, Lego City, Batman, Harry Potter, Marvel, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars and dozens of other brands have been turned into colorful digital bricks (and not) with which to have fun. Also in this case, one of the real strengths of the series is the local cooperative mode in which players can impersonate many different characters, depending on the series of membership, each of which has unique and useful powers to overcome the various puzzles that they are confronted in front of us.