News of a few days ago is that the Nintendo he had started an animated film of Mario in collaboration with the studio he created despicable Me, but above all i Minions, Namely Illumination Entertainment.

But apparently it is not so certain that the film will see the light: Shigeru Miyamoto, producer of the film, said that although the contacts withIllumination Enterteinment they have been going on for a couple of years, it is not said that the project becomes reality, especially if the script does not meet the quality levels required by Nintendo.

So at the moment everything is still in definition, but the plan of Nintendo is to eventually release the film of Mario for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, a period in which Big N hopes to open the playground too "Super Nintendo Land" in Japan.

If, on the other hand, the result should be similar to that of the 1993, with Bob Hoskins in the role of Marioperhaps it would be better to stay as we are now. In fact, from that resounding flop, Nintendo she has always been reluctant to bring her most iconic characters to the big or small screen, as evidenced by the fact that the Japanese house has rejected the offer of Netflix to produce a TV series based on Zelda.

But the products Nintendo now they are part of the popular culture of every day, so much so that according to an analysis made by the marketing experts of the company, it seems that now people discover (for the few who do not yet know them) the world of Mario & Co. from merchandising and not through video games, leading to think that TV and cinema are the natural evolution of the brand.

There will be a change of trend or a policy of Nintendo will it remain the same? We will find out very soon, on the other hand, you can not burn your spearhead with a poor quality product.