Ubisoft he announced the arrival of the fifth season di For Honor entitled L 'He was from the Wolves. Instead of new characters, this season will focus on bringing great changes about balance of various fighters, new improvements to the quality of the title and what is perhaps the most anticipated feature by all players: support for dedicated servers. A move similar to what was already achieved with Rainbow Six Siege.

The Era dei Lupi will start the 15 February but not all the promised features will arrive at the dayone. Dedicated servers for PvP modes will arrive shortly thereafter, the February 19, but only on PC. As for Playstation and Xbox One, we will have to wait.

This feature will replace the weak peer-to-peer infrastructure of the game and should eliminate most of the problems related to NAT and the synchronization that occurs every time one or more players leave the game.

The rest of the season will also bring a revised training mode that will teach players many of the game's mechanics, best rewards and a series of events.