The image you will see below is probably one of those that has destroyed the childhood of each of us, those things that take away the few certainties we have in life: to discover that the Toad, the helpers of Princess Peach and inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom, are actually "normal" people and that the mushroom shape of their head is actually due only to a hat.


Nothing could be more false, fortunately. To clarify it was the same producer of Super Mario Odyssey that, in a video in which he responds to different curiosities about the game and the characters, he has really shed light on one of the mysteries that most fascinated all the years the mustachioed plumber's fans: Toad wears no hat, that's his head.

An error of the cartoon, therefore, that made us live many years in disappointment and that today, however, leaves room for certainties of the old days when we were convinced that the big one was just the head of Toad. And that's how it is.