The update of Fortnite 2.4.0, after a series of delays due to some small problems, it finally went online together with a new, devastating weapon to mow down our enemies.

La minigun, now available in the main mode of the game, the Battle Royale, uses light ammunition and shoots almost at the same speed as a SMG. Unlike the latter, however, which must be reloaded often, the minigun can shoot much longer before having to recharge.

Regarding the mode Save the World the new Cozy Campfire has been introduced, an object that will heal all the allied players and defenders in an 3 × 3 area.

Clearly there are a series of bugfix, although it has already been reported the presence of some problems already known to the community and not yet resolved, such as, for example, the trunks of the Battle Royale mode that are sometimes empty.

Because of the concerns related to the stability of the update 2.5.0, the events of Valentine's Day and the one dedicated to spring have been postponed for a week.