PUBG Corp., through a post on official blog, announced today that PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS  end the support to the Steam family sharing function. The reason is that the study has "Identified a number of vulnerabilities" exploited by the cheaters and that the decision was made for "Guarantee a fair environment".

La Steam family sharing is a function that supports many games and offers the owner of a title the ability to allow other accounts to access their library, whether they are on the same PC or on a different one. Authorized accounts can then download and play without restrictions, but only when the original owner is not playing any games on Steam.

PUBG Corp also revealed that it is developing internally a new anti-cheat solution, already tested on test servers in the last two weeks. In addition, a series of programs including Reshade will also be blocked.

Any application that "Engages in the game" will be blocked, but the developer is aware of the fact that not all of them are harmful. With this in mind, PUBG Corp. has promised to authorize benign applications while continuing to work on title enhancements.