Although [easyazon_link identifier = "B06XKW54SH" locale = "IT" tag = "parlidivide0e-21"]Star Wars Battlefront II[/ easyazon_link], the first-person multiplayer shooter of DICE, he sold well nine million copies, remained a million copies below the prudent estimate of EA, and significantly below the opening sales of the previous title. The game also fell in terms of revenue, pushing EA to confirm that microtransactions will soon return to play.

After removing the chance to buy crystals, the virtual currency for the loot-box-driven progression mechanism, EA announced that it would re-introduce them once they understood how best to adapt them to multiplayer. Today, EA explained that microtransactions will be back in the next few months.

Furthermore, theEA's chief executive officer, Andrew Wilson, promptly made it clear that rumors about the quarrels between the publisher and Disney were unfounded. Here are his words:

We have an exceptional relationship with Disney and we have created some fantastic games together, and we have been very proactive with this relationship at the service of our players. We are at the point where, when we understand that we have the right model for the players and for our community, we will have the support of Disney

EA has revised the forecasts, lengthening them a bit. The publisher hopes the Battlefront II sales reach their original 10-11 million target by the end of the fiscal year. This number still puts it behind the first game in the same period of time, which has sold fourteen million copies within the first fiscal year.