Of curiosity "Sea of ​​Thieves" has undoubtedly aroused a lot. You want for the return on the scene of a historical software house like Rare, you want to be the first exclusive Microsoft outgoing in 2018, or for being in development for almost 5 years. Recently, many users have been able to take part in the closed beta; few members of the international pressinstead, they were invited to take part in an event where they could have tried NOT content on the beta open to the public. The embargo for this content will expire the 13 February (mark the date if you are in hype for the title), but in the meantime some have not hesitated to give their opinion. Among these, the decidedly enthusiastic about it stands out Jez Corden, editor for Windows Central and Microsoft insider:

English is basic and easily understandable, the comparison is clear and obvious. In another tweet continues:
"The press should be professional and hold their own opinions for themselves unless you are writing an article but God, how excited I am for Sea of Thieves ".
We do not have to tell you how every personal opinion should be taken with pliers, especially in the "journalistic" sphere. It is also true that, always in the same area, we tend to never want to make statements without being ready to take responsibility for it. Ergo: a fund of sincere truth is certainly present.
We can not help but wait and see what the weather will say, even if achieving success (at least economic) of PUBG will certainly be a business.

Sea of ​​Thieves

We remind you that Sea of ​​Thieves is out March 20 on Xbox One and PC.