Xbox Game Pass It is a new service that will offer players, every month, a catalog of over one hundred titles available to play whenever they want. The thing has been very successful, at least mediatically speaking, and is back on the subject Phil Spencer.

Through tweets in response to some users, the head of the Xbox division explained that there is a lot of interest from various studies who want to observe how the service will evolve. Microsoft intends to start with its first-party games, but the goal is to expand the thing to others:

We talk about the service, how this has a great value being a subscription and a new model that could open up opportunities for creativity, especially for single-player games:

Phil Spencer then goes on to say that Older games than the original Xbox will also be compatible in the future, even if these will arrive at a slower pace than those for Xbox 360:

The premises for making sure that Xbox Game Pass all of them become a service of quantity and quality; we really hope that Microsoft and the various software companies are committed to offer an excellent product to consumers in the long run.