I think you'll have to hear about it for a while Monster Hunter World, but on the other hand the game deserves, at least personally, all the clamor that is arousing around.

Just today, with the official release of the game, collaboration is also online that puts us in touch with one of the most famous hunters in the videogame world: Aloy by Horizon Zero Dawn.

In fact Capcom provided a themed event quest, named "Wild Teachings"Which will allow us to obtain materials to create equipment dedicated to our Palico, to be precise the weapon"Machine Beast Neko Grinder"And the armor"Machine Beast Neko Series"(All this talking about Neko reminds me of D.Va, but that's another story ...).
In order to access the mission you must have a GC of at least 6 level and the purpose of the mission will be to delete 8 Barnos in the arena.
But the most tasty thing is that this is only a first part of the collaboration put in place: in fact, to be decided, there will be a second step that will allow you to give your character the appearance of the protagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy, thanks to the weapon "Aloy's Bow"And to the armor set"Aloy Series".
The event quest will have limited duration and if I can hazard a bet, when the second part of the mission comes out, we will see the online of Monster Hunter World full of people with this special set.