Miitomo has never really hit the users, if not the first periods when, of course, the news had aroused a bit 'all. The thing is not however continued in the long run and therefore Nintendo he decided to take one drastic solution, or the closure of the servers and therefore practically the cancellation of the game in itself.

In reality Miitomo was not a real game but a sort of social app, in which however there really were very few things to do in addition to answering questions and personalizing your own Mii (Nintendo's avatar); these reasons have led to the increasingly growing disinterest of the mass and the consequent decision of the Japanese company.


Therefore, from 9 May 2018 it will be necessary to say goodbye to Miitomo, just two years after its release; fate that we will certainly see in far more remote times for Fire Emblem Heroes e Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, whose success both monetary and download is really huge.