Welcome back my dear adepts sparagnosauri in the corner of 'Accattino, today for the community more tirchia of the web I bring you as a gift the complete collection of Amnesia. Free.. (ndA = Accattino note, in the collection you will have Amnesia: The Dark Descent e Amnesia 2: A Machine for Pigs)

Your dear Accattino as always on the front line for the sparagno compulsive today has arrived before any other believer.

Speaking quickly about the game, I'm mobile and I struggle to dwell, is a graphic adventure that we will live in first person, which seems strange to say but I can not set it in any known kind. With a setting and an unprecedented degree of identification, this game promises to make you change them pants ahead of schedule my dear ones e very filagnosauri zozzissimi. So my advice is, if you like to play it in the dark and maybe with nice 7.1 headphones.

In this masterpiece of the boys of Frictional Games much of the suspense will be based on the expectation of the confrontation and the tension connected to it rather than the confrontation in itself.

But I understand you, you're only here for the MAGIC LINK LUCK, and I love you for this too.

Good change of underwear, with affection, yours Accattino!