When you think of the rhythm games on the console the first thought goes to Guitar Hero o Rockband, in which handling a guitar you can play the various songs that the games offer us. Now remove the guitars and replace them with some laser swords, remove the rock songs and put electronic tracks, all in VR: you have obtained Beat Saber.

The game, developed by the Czechs of Hyperbolic Magnetism, it is this, a rhythm game that takes advantage of virtual reality to let you enter a world where, to the rhythm of music, colored cubes will meet you and you will have to literally cut them in the indicated direction. Beyond that, there will be cubes to be avoided and therefore the dodging will be essential, which makes Beat Saber a very animated game.

The game will be available during the Q1 2018 for Oculus Rift, Live e PlayStation VR; we are really curious to try this Beat Saber!