Welcome back sparagnosauri in the most appreciated corner of the whole web, that of your god: theAccattino.

I apologize for the almost total absence of this last period, but between a fever who tried to disintegrate my soul and various ups and downs in my personal sphere, I did not have time and way to flesh out your bookstores as usual.

Here I am, however, my dear masters avidelli to bring you a game that ALL you definitely know and who does not know it does not deserve to play it: I'm talking about it Carmageddon TDR 2000 completely Free. on the Gog.com portal.

That said I leave you as usual the MAGIC LINK LUCK that surely you will have missed it to death.

Like every time I urge you to share the bats to spread my word, we will have to have the world begging for our free games at our feet.

A special thank you goes to the dear Bonfisupp for timeliness in the report, daje così sparagnosauri!