Nintendo Switch, as you all know, had a really exceptional launch year.

Just a few hours ago is the news that the home console Nintendo have surpassed in the North American sales data (so in a market usually not really Nintendo-friendly) either Xbox One, strong of the output of the Xbox One X, That the PS4, in December.

The announcement was made by the same Head of Marketing at the Xbox, Aaron Greenberg (which has not disappointed seeing finally finish the console of Microsoft over that of Sony once in a while).

But like in sport, for so many rookies that explode and then get lost along the way, it will be the second year that will decide the magnitudes of the switch.

Indeed, the president himself of the Nintendo Tatsumi Kimishima, has already stated that to be successful in the long term, the second year is crucial.

Seeing the projects in the pipeline for Nintendo Switch, everything can be thought of except a drop by both internal and external developers, who, conscious of the success of this console, will certainly want to give their best to get on the " wagon of the winners ".

The only doubt will be that after shooting 5 bombs like Zelda, Mario Kart, Mario Odissey, Splatoon 2 e Xenoblade 2, Nintendor will it have enough cartridges to keep the interest high and keep grinding certain numbers?

From this point of view, the contribution of external companies, which are finally to see the light (the most awaited for sure the new Square Enix RPG, will be fundamental at this point) Project Octopath Traveler) and the implementation of the paid service for online, which could turn up a bit 'the nose to many users, who do not see favorably having to pay to play on the network.

And you will punish your "2 cents" on the success of Nintendo Switch?

PS: la switch has already sold more than the Wii-U in Japan ... but I do not think it took a lot