epic Games has published a new video update dedicated to the mode Battle Royale di Fortnite which offers a glimpse of upcoming map changes, which will include biome changes to make them more distinct from each other as well as information about what will happen to the Christmas loot at the end of the event.

With the end of the Christmas event, we will remove the Christmas trees and treasure chests that are next to them. This is for two reasons: the first reason is that the event is over; the second reason is that, with all the other points of interest coming up with the map update, we have a lot more chests, a lot more boxes of ammunition and we wanted to make sure the loot was evenly distributed, so that there was not too much extra booty in the game.

Epic will keep an eye on things after the update and will make changes if necessary. Williamson said it is also possible that Epic will add other specific cases during future events.

The update of the map itself will add, as already mentioned, new points of interest and also areas on the west side of the map, which Eric has defined as "a little lighter on points of interest". Even the individual biomes of the map are more clearly defined. "The swamp will be turbulent, the mountains will be more mountainous. In reality, the different areas of the map will be unique. " The Fortnite map update will be released next week.