The notifications are certainly useful but often they are equally annoying, especially during game sessions where concentration is crucial. This has also arrived Microsoft products which, in the last update for Insider users, has introduced three different functions including just a mode "do not disturb".

In fact, the 1802.180105-1503 update allows order the trophies for rarity, adds the Mini Game Hub with useful information on running games makes available the option that will prevent the arrival of pop-up notifications during the game sessions.

Xbox One

It will also be possible program the shutdown of the console after spending a certain number of hours, which can be useful both to limit the hours of play to younger people and to leave the console turned on during a long download and then find it turned off once the download is finished.

As mentioned before, the update is currently only available to Insider users, but during this month it should be released for all owners of Xbox One.