We have long been talking about Halo 6 and many fans hope the 2018 may be the right year for its arrival, but it probably will not be. We must not despair anyway, since 343 Industries it's still working on something that might surprise users. The information has actually been "recreated" by some passwords di Jeff Easterling who, with a message to wish Happy New Year, spoke as follows:

Welcome back! In truth, I do not know if it's more a welcome back to us or you, but that's fine anyway. The 2018 has arrived and, with it, the promise of new fun episodes and adventures to be undertaken. No, not those adventures, but a lot of other thrills anyway, some of which might amaze you more than others.

We have no official announcement and perhaps the hopes are more than necessary, but from these words we can certainly expect something in this 2018, although they probably will not be the adventures of Halo 6.