Remember that some time ago there was talk of one gdr open world in development from the Forza study? Well that game could be Fable 4.

According to a user of ResetEra, site very similar to NeoGAF, some titles Xbox One have been leaked through Xbox Live API by developers.

As reported by WCCFTech, the former developer for Xbox did not share all the details of the leak, but he hinted that it was: imminent beta of Sea of ​​Thieves and 3 Crackdown, Perfect Dark developed by The Coalition it's a co-op campaign for four 3 Crackdown players, a Force Horizon set in Japan, Age of Emires 4, a Halo mode with a huge number of players, something that has to do with Mechs ... and a project set in Albion with a codename "Wisdom" developed from a team in the United Kingdom.

Of course, being a "random" individual on the internet, we are not talking about a reliable source. WCCFTech, however, has carved out the issue and has put together a list of studies that are working on games published by Microsoft and managed to make Down Williamson, former developer of Lionhead, say that there are no teams at Brighton with resources for this work. Williamson added that he would already identify who is working on Fable 4, proving that the rumor is taken seriously within the industry.

So it seems plausible that it is Playground Games. WCCFTech, however, pointed out that when Playground started hiring for the project, he said he was working on a "completely new" RPG. Which might suggest that it was a new IP. But the choice of words is not particularly decisive in this case. Probably Microsoft may have proposed working on Fable after observing the team's capabilities. In confirmation of the change of course we have the disappearance of the words "completely new" from the latest work offers of the team.

I want to remember that it is still rumors, so do not let yourself get carried away.