The past year has been full of news for Overwatch, including the debut of three new heroes, new levels and a Deathmatch mode. But Blizzard is not holding hands, and prepares for an equally demanding 2018: the next hero of Overwatch is already in the process of internal testing.

In the most recent dev diary, game director Jeff Kaplan celebrates the goals achieved, and the progress made by Overwatch during the twelve months just ended. But he also has an ad: the next (and twenty-seventh) Overwatch hero is already in the internal testing phase, and he is not alone - other heroes are under development, and will be accompanied by "a ton of new content". They will be added to an already large roster.

It remains to discover who the new Overwatch heroes will be, and there will undoubtedly be no lack of speculation - but if next year will be similar to the one spent, the flesh will not be lacking.