A 28-year-old man was shot dead by a police officer Wichita, Kansas, after a call that signaled the presence of a hostage. During a press conference, the police said it was a false call to attract the officers SWAT on the scene, an act known as "swatting" and sadly widespread among the community of American gamers. It seems that everything is connected to a discussion that took place on Call of Duty.

When the police arrived at the scene, a man answered the door and was killed by an officer. The deputy police chief stated that the subject received verbal instructions and responded but reached the belt, thus leading the officer to shoot. Later it was confirmed that lthe man was unarmed.

It seems that those responsible are two Call of Duty players, in the game in a game of well 1,50 dollars, on the base of screens shared on Twitter by the game community. After the end of this game, two players from the losing team started arguing. The first player, "Miruhcle", communicated a false address to the second, "Baperizer". It could therefore have been him to make the swatting, however, directing the team towards the address of the twenty-eight, totally unrelated to the situation.

The police confirmed that they will work to find those responsible together with the federal partners. Both players in question have been suspended from their Twitter accounts.