Diablo 3 is a title that, with its ups and downs, has now 5 years on the rump.

Occasionally, like many others, I find myself wasting a few hours at the start of each new season, but I certainly will not miss the newly advertised event.

In fact the Blizzard is about to revive "Darkening of Tristram" on Diablo 3 for January.

Players Diablo 3 will, from 1 January to 30, revisit the locations in the first Diablo, of course all refurbished.

In addition to the old dungeons, the old loot will come back, but above all a graphic filter will be enabled which will make the game all the more "vintage".

There will be no classic objects that have made the history of Diablo such as Butcher's Cleaver o the Leg of Wirt.

The event "Darkening of Tristram"Will be playable on PC, Xbox One and 4 Playstation versions.