A very long video was finally released Squadron 42, the single player component of the gigantic space simulator Star Citizen. After showing the character of Mark Hamill, the developer Cloud Imperium Games he transmitted it in action yesterday, including sections of fights, spacewalks, exploration and much more.

The video, which you can see just below, starts with the main character who revolves around a Navy ship (the good ones) and then moves on to a rescue mission on an abandoned lunar outpost. It's a good demonstration of how big and how varied this game will be, and there are no loading screens that divide the action. The dubbing is generally credible, the space combat seems appropriately frenetic and the images are predictably impressive.

But there is clearly still a long way to go. We do not know yet when Squadron 42 will be released but, judging from the video, which is a "pre-alpha movie", it will not arrive soon. The frame rate collapses at certain points and some animations in the first person are not the best. We therefore await further information about this title from eternal development.