This summer the news that has thrilled fans of Blizzard it was that of research, so without a particular announcement, of new elements to be added to the development team for a new project first person shooter. Blizzard has never talked about this game but, apparently, the work continues unabated, since on ResetEra a job announcement has been sighted for a software engineer specialized in gameplay on vehicles.


The candidate must be able to build vehicles, set up management functions and everything related to means of transport, and Blizzard wants someone with experience in the field. Having a first-person shooter where vehicles can also be used is certainly not new (see Halo) but, as happened with Overwatch, Blizzard could "revolutionize" the genre with this new project.

Since there is currently no information on the game in question, we expect to learn more in the coming months, although probably we will have to wait a long time before you can get your hands on this new project.