Falcom he intends to expand his development team for a project that at the moment is just an idea, but that is something bigger than what the software house has usually developed. The figures sought by Falcom are the following, all must be at least average level:

  • Programmer
  • Graphic
  • Sound Creator
  • Design Plan
  • Non-development jobs

Il tweet explains better what they are the intentions of the software house:

We want to create a new role-playing game and work on a more enjoyable kind of action. These are some of the thoughts that have made what Falcom is today. We want to work on a new game of Ys or Trails. We want to start a new series. We believe there are many reasons to expand our team, but "Falcom seriously wants to make a game"Is what best represents the whole.

Often the various companies look for new elements to be included in a team, but there is always talk of a few elements; in this case we would have well five new entries in a software house that has always worked with very few elements; what project will have in mind Falcom?