Sea of ​​Thieves it is one of those games that has not been discussed much during the development phase, at least until today. The video dedicated to the game, which you can see below, explains theopen-world multiplayer adventure di Rare all dedicated to pirates.

Start by showing the character personalization and continues describing the gambling path of the player.

It seems that Sea of ​​Thieves attaches great importance to the reputation of the factions. There are a number of factions with different motivations and preferences, and while completing various activities, the reputation with the various factions will change accordingly.

The factions also give call missions Voyages, of different types. As the reputation with one faction increases, new missions will be unlocked that guarantee personalized titles, goals and more.

Since Sea of ​​Thieves is a multiplayer game, you can join your friends to train a ship's crew and complete the active Voyage of each crew member.

To give an idea of ​​what a Voyage might look like, Rare used the Gold Hoarder faction as an example. These greedy people want them to look for hiding places that can only be opened with their Skeleton Keys and, when they trust more, they will send the player to look for an even more precious treasure.

Other factions of Sea of ​​Thieves have different goals. For example, the Merchant Alliance asks players to patrol areas and collect supplies and then ship the cargo to destinations within a certain period of time. Sometimes the resources the faction needs are live animals and you will have to hunt them down.

In addition to Voyages, players can simply explore, doing what they want.