The controversy over loot boxes has not only caused heated debate between consumers and video game enthusiasts, but has attracted the attention of investment advisors and governments. At least one of these, the government of New Zealand, has reached a decision on the long-running debate about loot boxes and their potential nature as a game of chance.

For the Department of Internal Affairs, or the New Zealand Ministry of Interior, the loot boxes do not meet the legal requirements to be classified as bets. The same ministry states this in an email exchange with Gamasutra, explains that the loot boxes (and their contents) are not convertible into cash and do not contain cash prizes, so at least according to the New Zealand law, they can not be considered gambling. Furthermore, betting online is not prohibited in New Zealand.

Not all the opinions expressed so far by the governments have been as moderate and awake as the New Zealand one. From the American State of Hawaii ad a French senator, And with Holland and Belgium in the first row, the controversy remains thorny. At least for the New Zealand market, however, software houses that implement the system should not expect short-term legal problems.