Sony recently kept busy, with a few exclusive releases coming to PS4. Among these is The Last Of Us Part 2, anxiously awaited by fans, who deceive the time speculating on the details of the sequel. During the panel dedicated to the game as part of the PSX, the devs of Naughty Dog have decided to inform the public about the development stage of The Last Of Us Part 2.

The bad news is that there is still waiting: game director Neil Druckmann has specified that it is not sure how long it takes to complete the development phase, and the panel did not include new game footage. The good news is that the work proceeds well: Druckmann said that several teams are receiving levels to work on gradually, with the main development proceeding, and added an estimate of completion - the 50-60%.

Once the development is complete, obviously The Last Of Us Part 2 will have to overcome test phases and quality control - above all, it is a title so eagerly awaited. In light of these considerations it is possible that this exclusive PS4 is not ready for a final launch before the 2019, but we can at least hypothesize that it is worth waiting.