Battlestate Games announced that soon it will be possible to access the Open Beta of Escape from Tarkov and, for the occasion, there are many bonuses and initiatives taken through the New Year Event: starting from December 28th and for a few weeks, you will be able to try the game to test the servers and see how much they can withstand the load of connected users.

In this regard, the event was organized, which will give free access to the game for some users who are registered on the official website of the project, but they are not playing yet. In fact, seven days of testing will be guaranteed to a lucky part of players who will be chosen randomly among all the members, with the highest priority of "extraction" to those who have been writing for longer; moreover within a week after the launch of the event, Escape from Tarkov will be available for purchase at 25% discount for all types of transactions (purchases, package updates and gifts).

But the initiatives do not end here; as you can read on Official site in fact, there are many bonuses for those who have joined the Closed Beta or even Alpha, with ever better awards. What are you waiting for? You just have to stay register if you have not already done so or wait for your well-deserved prizes!