Everyone talks about it, everyone wants them, but apparently they start not to convince everyone.

We are talking about Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that is recording record numbers in recent times (just this morning seems to have broken through the wall of the 14.000 euro), but because of its exponential growth, begins to create some doubt in many environments.

The popular digital platform Steam in fact, he decided not to accept any more payments in Bitcoin, citing "excessively high commissions and high volatility" as motivation.

On the commissions, they inform those of the Valve, it has gone from the 20 cents of the beginnings to the almost 20 dollars that today the company was forced to charge the customer in order to accept the payment in Bitcoin.

As far as volatility is concerned, the very high speed with which the value of the cryptocurrency changes does not allow for a precise change from the moment the transaction is started to when it is actually completed (with problems on any refunds or higher charges, which reflect on the image of the company, in addition to obvious costs).

So these are the reasons why Valve has decided to abandon i Bitcoin as a method of payment, but without completely closing the door in the face for the future, should the situation stabilize.

Small side note: many are convinced that the bubble of Bitcoin is about to burst, so much so that even some managers of hedge funds, like Mike Novogratz, have started to advise not to invest in what some industry experts define "the biggest bubble of our life ", or simply be concerned by the countless attempts (and successes) of hacking at sites that trade and manage large quantities of Bitcoin, as happened to Nicehash (only the last of the hacking cases of the last few months).

And if Lord Gabe (A LITTLE person attached to the gain) decided that they are not going any more well, I would ask you a question ...