The representative of the State of Hawaii, Chris Lee, made a stir when, a few weeks ago, announced the intention to investigate loot box of video games as possible gamble. Now he has published a video explaining what he intends to do.

The main thing that Lee wants is enact legislation that prohibits the sale of games containing what he calls "gambling mechanics" to minors. In other words, the sale of games such as Battlefront II would be legally prohibited to people under the age of 18, a prohibition that does not even extend to games with a mature rating.

Lee makes it clear that this should apply to both physical and digital products, which is crucial as the ESRB does not currently exercise compulsory digital sales control.

The representative of Hawaii has also expressed concern about the design of loot boxes and drop rates, suggesting that they are designed to exploit people by manipulating them psychologically. While Lee acknowledges that this information is not confirmed and is based primarily on conjecture, it is worth noting that the publisher Activision has patented a matchmaking method that encourages microtransactions.