Portal it is certainly among the symbolic titles of Valve, together with the famous FPS Half Life. The puzzle adventure born in 2007 soon entered the hearts of many gamers who, after two chapters, hoped for the arrival of a third chapter (in full style Half Life 3 in short). Now a new game is coming, but that's not what you hoped for.

Bridge Constructor: Portal is a collaboration between the Bridge Constructor developer ClockStone Software and Valve. In it, the player can solve puzzles that involve trucks crossing abysmal chasms, but unlike other bridge building games like Poly Bridge, the typical Portal technology can be used. Furthermore, GLaDOS will be around to bother you.

Valve has lent both Portal and Half-Life licenses in recent years, but only to free fan projects. This is the first time anyone has made a large-scale standalone game for multiple platforms set up in the Portal universe.

Bridge Constructor: Portal will release the December 20 on PC, Mac, Linux and mobile devices. It will arrive on the 4 Playstation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One at the beginning of next year.