God of War is one of the most anticipated titles for PlayStation 4 but at the moment, apart from some sporadic information, we do not know much about the game, nor an official release date. Some more precise information is given to us by the Chilean PlayStation Store that, on the game page, indicates the 22 March as a landing in the Sony console store.

Even the American store for a few hours has reported the same information and then disappear altogether, which could indicate a leak of incorrect information promptly corrected and replaced with the December 31 2018, most likely a simple placeholder.

God of War

It must be said that the 22 March will be a Thursday, a day not really ordinary for the release of the games, even if it is more and more frequent to see the digital version of the titles come out a day before or after the physical counterpart, which could solve the question of doubtful day. Another explanation, this time more "romantic", would indicate the 22 March 2018 as the day chosen by Sony as commemoration of the first God of War The 2 22 has been released for the 2005 PlayStation.

We do not know if indeed that will be the day when we can get our hands on God of War for PlayStation 4, but it would be a nice homage to the saga for one of the flagship titles of the Sony console.