Bene sparagnosauri, here there is no time to waste. Welcome back to the corner ofAccattino.

The bazza of today, as well as portarvela as my last use from mobile, is a bit 'sophisticated, there will be some tricks to be taken.

You want for the big ones bullshits done lately, you want for pure and simple goodness, mom Bubisoft he wanted to give us two presents. World in Conflict it's free from 4 December al 12 December 2017 (so already available when you read these lines).

World in conflict, free from 4 to 12 December

The main course of the course is however Assassin's Creed 4 in my opinion, despite being a game full of imperfections, it is still a triple A. Assassino Credici CUATTRO it will therefore be available for free from 12 December al 18 December 2017.

Assassin Credici gratis from 12 to 18 December

So be careful, mark the dates on your beautiful google calendar so as not to miss the giveaway of the next days on AC4. We will update the article anyway and we will do a respam on the page of the bat for the most renco ... Lazy.

To redeem both games, just follow the usual way MAGIC LINK LUCK. Obviously the games will be redeemable on Uplay, the proprietary digital delivery platform.

Who the official source of the release.