Saturday 9 December the will be released Monster Hunter beta: World for 4 Playstation, only for Playstation Plus owners, which will be available until Tuesday 12.

The download will be available on Friday 8 and will occupy 5,9 GB on the hard drive.

Sul Capcom Unity Blog the contents of this beta have been revealed:

"The beta will contain 3 missions which will take place in 2 game environments. In Ancient Forest, you can fight a fierce, but accessible to beginners, Great Jagras or players with more experience will be able to face the powerful Anjanath. In Wildspire Waste, a gigantic and deserted expanse with swamps, you can face different Barroth, for an intermediate difficulty. "

These missions can be tackled alone or in the company of three friends, they will also be available 14 different types of weapons and access to several training rooms.

Monster Hunter: World The next one will be released 29 January for 4 Playstation and Xbox One, while it will reach the PC later next year.