"And the children? Who thinks of children?"Is the first thing that will come to mind to Dame Ester Rantzen, President of Childline, seeing the latest trailer of Detroit Become Human. The video in question, which you can see below, shows Todd taking it very violently with his ten-year-old daughter, Alice; obviously our task, under the guise of Android Kara, will be to change the course of events and save the child, but this was not enough for the association for the protection of minors to withdraw the accusations.

Rantzen has indeed requested the removal of this scene or even cancel the whole game as it would be a "perverse scene" is that "violence against minors is not entertainment but a reality for millions of young people forced to live in fear".

Obviously, the prompt response of David Cage, director of the project, according to which the game is not focused entirely on domestic abuse and the scene in question is only part of a mature story that will make players reflect. Furthermore, according to the director, we must now consider videogames as a mass media in which it is good to deal with certain issues, just as done for years by the cinema or TV.