Assassin's Creed Origins is packed with post launch content. The season pass (which costs $ 40, contains two expansions and two cosmetic DLC) is flanked by a series of regular content with free access for those who own the game, such as new missions and challenges.

On paper, everything is regular. But then it is not clear why, in the original programming of the post launch plans, the latest Origins DLC was not included: the First Civilization Pack, which introduces a steed, a shield, and three new weapons. This DLC is not part of the Season Pass, and as appealing as the new items may be, it is the opinion of the fans that it is a bit out of the market. In fact, the pack will be available at Nomad's Bazaar (where you can unlock it with in-game currency using the loot boxes), or you can buy it from the Helix Store, by paying 1000 credits (equivalent to about $ 10).

It is not the first time that Assassin's Creed Origins is the subject of controversy. We have spoken in the past of the questionable policies on the Collector's Edition of Origins, and it is recent the case of the fake reviews on Metacritic. In comparison, the arbitrary exclusion of a DLC

from the Season Pass, however unwelcome by those who had bought it thinking it included everything, it almost goes pale, and it's all to prove that the negative reaction is enough to move Ubisoft.