In 2018, they will arrive three new expansions for Hearthstone. The good news comes from Ben Thompson, lead artist of the game, who talked with Metabomb during a press conference in the UK. We will have to wait to give us an idea of ​​the amount of ballet content, but Thompson has talked about new set of cards, each with new missions.

There is no return of Adventures, mainly for a balancing problem: it required calibrating the downtrend, so that all players could take the cards was not stimulating for veteran players. For this, according to Thompson, the right strategy for Hearthstone is to focus on 'enlargement of missions and challenges.

Thompson then talked about the cost changes for players, or better to optimize what the player receives for what he spends: as we know, there is no longer the risk of duplicating legendary cards inside the envelopes, for example, and the player is guaranteed the presence of a legendary card in the top ten envelopes. Even among regular cards, there are no more doubles than one can use in a single deck. All this, according to Thompson, responds to a logic oriented towards consumer satisfaction, and will also inform the decision on the price of incoming expansions. The interview is available qui.

Meanwhile, the December 7 in North America, and the 8 December in Europe, will be another expansion for Hearthstone: Kobols and Catacombs will contain 135 cards, three dungeon runs and two new legendary cards for everyone. Each dungeon run will have its own deck as a prize.