Epic announced that the next patch of Fortnite adds a new weapon to the mode Battle Royale and will make good use of the new Microsoft console, Xbox One X.

The patch, which should coincide with the end of the Halloween event of November 29, will cover both the original play modes, Save the World and Battle Royale.

Support for Xbox One X added, according to Epic, will allow Fortnite to work in 4K, even if it does not make it clear whether this is a native 4K or whether other media will be added in addition to simple resolution.

Battle Royale mode is instead getting the smoke grenades which, as the name suggests, are full-smoke hand bombs to help you hide. Additionally, rankings will be added to Battle Royale mode, both for wins and for global scores. Save the World also includes some new weapons, in addition to the return of Mutant Storms.