As a title, Activision really came to fruition. Victim of his delusions, this time, are not 10 years old children approaching gaming with COD, but a small, family-run California company. "Call of Doodee", so it's called the company, has the only fault of remembering the famous "Call of Duty" war game. This was enough for the Activision to open a lawsuit against the owners (husband and wife) to force them to change their name.
Unlike Activision, Call of Doodee performs a very special and useful activity: it helps dog owners to collect the stools of their animals.


The reasons for the complaint remain difficult to understand: we are talking about a small, substantially unknown activity in America and the rest of the world, but it has been limited to using commonly used words. Not only that, although the quotation was wanted, the genius would have to be rewarded at most. "Doodee," in American slang, in fact means "stool". "Call of Doodee".
From here I start my hypothesis: they will finally understand the name to give to the next COD (and they do not want to steal it), or they are trying to get some money after the complaint received by AM General? Reporting that reminds us that Activision also knows something about improperly used brands.