Playground Games, the study behind Force, announced last month that it intends to expand and form a new branch site in Leamington Spa, England. This new study will devote itself to one new title not racing.

It seems that the new game will be one open world action RPG with many developers with great experience in creating open world games. reported that Sean Eyestone, former senior producer of Battlefront 2 and collaborator for ten years Kojima Productions, he joined the team.

Other important names are those of Will Kennedy, chief designer, and Juan Fernandez of Simon, fight designer, who both worked for Rockstar North at GTA 5 and for Ninja Theory for Hellblade.

In a post on the blog It has been announced that the developer team will settle in an office for 200 people in 2018, and always according to the staff will grow to 400 members.

"We are delighted to have obtained a second study to host our new team," said CEO Gavin Raeburn at - "This is an exciting project that is already attracting world excellence at Playground."