Welcome to the corner of 'Accattino cari sparagnosauriif you clicked you did fine / clap. Who did not click go cicchettato and forced to do so. This game is a must especially thanks to the story. What story will you ask for? LA history. Murder Death Kill, MDK for friends, it is one of the games that made history as, released in '97, it caused an earthquake in the gaming scene of the time due to a full 3D explorable world all calculated on the CPU.

At the time it was a game highly appreciated by critics and fans thanks to its environments, for the time, incredibly well-characterized and evocative. It thus proved to be a very advanced game for the historical segment of which was a pioneer.

MDK is that 'amarcord that many of you will appreciate, if you have lived in those years you will have at least heard of it if you did not play directly.

After the well-deserved small introduction to the strong and FREE dinner of the day (woe to those who complain, if I miss you with the nmachete), here's your MAGIC LINK LUCK.

The game is obtainable on your account GOG.com in version DRM-Free. As usual, know that I've come up VERY before you, but usually the bla bla bla publication timings.

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