It's been three years since the release of Bloodborne, and the "Flaming Undead Giant"Shown during 2014's Playstation Experience in the presence of Hidetaka Miyazaki was thought to have ended up in the cut content, often very voluminous when it comes to From Software.

The continuous exploration of the Chalice Dungeon, generated by procedure, of some players has yielded interesting results. He finally managed to find the monster and record the meeting in the following video.

They were probably not the first to meet the enemy, but It is the first time that the encounter with this very rare enemy has been documented. It would not be surprising if other players had already faced the monster without giving it too much, considering it merely a variation of the non-dead giants present in the game.

Given the amount of content and details easily ignored in Miyazaki games and adding to the formula the casual component given by Chalice Dungeon, you wonder Bloodborne I do not have other secrets waiting to be discovered.